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General Maintenance for Year Round Pest Control

Gaddis Pest Control provides general maintenance for year round pest control.

Spider/Insect Removal

Rodent Control

Web Removal

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Why Year Round? 

  • Spring-  Moisture in the spring enhances breeding grounds for insects. This is the time when pests are laying their eggs and developing their nests. It is important to stay on top of pests before these eggs and immature nymphs develop into breeding adults. Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks, and Wasps are all breeding and increasing their nests at this time.

  • Summer- Pests are in high gear in the summer. If the immature stages of the pests were not controlled earlier, they are now reproductive adults. The offspring of the reproducing adults are out foraging for food and water to continue their exponential development. Under ideal conditions some pests, such as fleas, are going from egg to biting adult every 12 days.

Autumn- As the evenings and mornings begin to cool, insects get the signal it is time to find the nesting site for the winter. The warmth and protection of your home becomes a very attractive harborage area. Predator and biting pests such as spiders an fleas actually follow their prey as they move into warmer structures.

  • Winter- Colder weather has arrived and the pests are set in their nesting sites. Insects do not die off in the winter and magically reappear in the spring. They continue to feed and breed, although at a slower pace. Pests who have found their way into your home enjoy the warmth and continue to function as if it were still summer. Other pests which normally live outside such as mice and rats, actively seek the warmth found in your home.  

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